In the wake of the spatial turn, classical area studies are increasingly disapproved for enforcing methodological regionalism in container-like spatial categories, with arbitrarily drawn boundaries to the outside and homogenization to the inside. The present volume makes a collaborative attempt of tracing connections to evade this conceptual shortcoming for the fields of mobility/migration and border(land) studies. The contributions of this volume explore the cross-cutting relations and flows from the periphery, the margins or 'from below' in Asian contexts. Using multidisciplinary perspectives, they empirically and theoretically inquire upon the meaning of space and place in multilocal settings. Thus they make an important and inspiring read for scholars and students interested in the production of spaces and places through social interaction.

Henryk Alff/Andreas Benz (eds.)
Tracing Connections. Explorations of Spaces and Places in Asian Contexts
ISBN 978-3-86573-774-8
201 S. 29,80 EUR. 2014

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