Subculture for Sale? presents an analysis of German and British Goth music fanzines and magazines from both a journalistic and a media & cultural studies perspective. Tracing the cultural and production values of Goth music journalism across a variety of publications ranging from low-profile fanzines to professional newsstand titles, the book delivers an insightful discussion of alternative media publishing. Through the lens of subcultural publishing, the author also offers a fresh look at central media and audience studies concepts like lifestyle communities, (sub)cultural codes of communication, and underground or alternative culture and its relation to the 'mainstream'.
Dunja Brill holds a European Doctorate in Media and Cultural Studies (University of Sussex), a British MA in International Journalism (Napier University), and a German MSc in Psychology (University of Bonn). She used to be involved in the German alternative music scene as a singer of the band Lie Still, and as a freelance writer for various music magazines and fanzines like Sonic Seducer and Black. Her research interests include subcultural formations, media representations of gender and sexuality, alternative music media, and the methodological combination of discourse analysis and ethnography. She has taught at University of Sussex and at Humboldt-University Berlin, and is currently pursuing a new research project revolving around constructions of violence, gender, race and class in ‘extreme’ musical genres (e.g. Industrial and Extreme Metal). She is also working on a book about gender, sexualities and eroticism in the Gothic subculture based on her thesis.

Dunja Brill
Subculture for Sale? Cultural, Content and Production Values in Goth Music Journalism
ISBN 978-3-86573-372-6
100 S. 16,80 EUR. 2008

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