According to institutional theory in sociology and organization studies, institutions are the building blocks of modern societies. Institutionalized practices attain a prominent status as they are constantly enacted by members of a society and unfold a typified meaning for them. For nearly all areas of life, they define legitimate practices and motivate behavior. Accordingly, institutional theory in organizational studies provides original and insightful explanations for organizational behavior, focusing on actors' cultural and political context.
This book comprises four articles, which apply the perspective of institutional theory to a range of organizational topics, including entrepreneurship, cross-national transfers of business practices, management education at universities, and Corporate Social Responsibility as subject of managerial as well as academic interest. The articles in this volume advance current institutional concepts such as institutional logics, translation and theorizing. Hence, this book offers new insights for academics, researchers, and students in institutional theory, organization studies, and management.

Bernadette Bullinger
The Building Blocks of Modern Societies. Explanations for the Dissemination of Global Ideas in Business Organizations and Academia from the Perspective of Organizational Institutionalism
ISBN 978-3-86573-631-4
167 S. 25,00 EUR. 2011 (Diss.)

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