With the emergence of the Information Society, the intersection of digital technologies and copyright law has raised several legal issues which endanger the traditional balance between the rights of copyright holders and end users. Since the 1990s, vital steps have been taken both at an international level and at the EU level in order to tailor copyright law to the needs of the Information Society. However, the implementation of the related international instruments within Contracting States and the implementation of the Information Society Directive in the EU have been controversial and have left several issues unsettled. As a candidate state to join the EU, Turkey has made substantial legal amendments to align its copyright legislation with the EU acquis. Although considerable progress has been achieved, challenges have prompted further investigation of the developments in the aforementioned issues in Turkish digital copyright law.
This book offers an analysis of the most contentious copyright issues since the advent of the digital and online technologies. Despite its focus on the Turkish copyright law, it provides for a comprehensive survey on the technology-related aspects of the international and the EU copyright law.

Güzide Dilsen Bulut
Adaptation of Copyright to the Information Society. Digitisation and its Implications on the EU and Turkish Copyright Law
ISBN 978-3-86573-829-5
335 S. 49,80 EUR. 2015 (Diss.)

Schriften zur Rechtswissenschaft 177

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