"Uptake Revisited" introduces a framework in which the market cycle is modelled as the development of five interlinked S-curves of achievement over time, being existing market development, value creation linked to new products, technological development of these new products, customer satisfaction and new product sales. It shows that successful innovation introduction is only probable during three distinct and different Windows of Opportunity at certain points in this cycle. The first is initial product introduction, the second entry to mass markets and the third the onset of laggard markets. "Uptake Revisited" concludes that successful market uptake can be predicted using a set of five option selection principles, which question ownership, commercial advantage to customers, positive potential buyers, returns, and deal structures and highlights that all of these preconditions for success are testable prior to investment and must be satisfied if a project or investment is to be successful.

Günther Dobrauz
Uptake Revisited. An Investigation into the Success & Failure Factors for Innovative Products in International Markets
ISBN 978-3-86573-507-2
157 S. 22,80 EUR. 2010

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