Globalization can be conceptualized as a basic transformation in the scale of human social organization that links distant communities and expands the reach of power relations across regions and continents. Contemporary Globalization is a multi-dimensional, uneven and asymmetric process. It's transforming but not burying the Westphalian idea of sovereign statehood. A conceptual change in our thinking about world politics from a primarily geopolitical perspective to the perspective of globalized or global politics of worldwide social relations is required. Global Politics is more accurately to be described as distorted global politics because it is afflicted by significant power asymmetries. The presented volume provides an interdisciplinary approach on global structures and transition - from economic, computer, social and political science perspectives.

Wolfgang Gieler & Ismail Dalay (eds.)
Globalization & Transition. Case Studies in Economical and Socio-Political Perspectives
ISBN 10: 3-86573-125-2
ISBN 13: 978-3-86573-125-8
107 S. 16,90 EUR. 2005

Fremde Nähe. Wissenschaftliche Diskurse zu Politik, Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft in einer globalisierten Welt
Herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gieler
Band 5

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