In the last quarter of twentieth century, two important processes have taken place at the worldwide scale. First on is the globalization and the other one is the collapse of the Warsaw Treaty Organization and USSR. As a result of globalization, any economic, political or socio-cultural crisis in the world affected the rest of the world very rapidly and deeply, and the events that followed took a multi-dimensional fashion. The collapse of the Warsaw Treaty Organization and USSR resulted in the vacuum of power in different parts of the world. With the direction of the only super power USA, a New World Order has been established. As the New International Law Norms, new values and coalitions are formed by New World Order, and significant changes in the existing institutional structure took place. The book analyzes these changes by selected countries.

Wolfgang Gieler (Ed.)
Foreign Policy of States. An analysis of selected countries
ISBN 10: 3-86573-235-6
ISBN 13: 978-3-86573-235-4
90 S. 15,90 EUR. 2006

Fremde Nähe. Wissenschaftliche Diskurse zu Politik, Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft in einer globalisierten Welt
Herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gieler
Band 8

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