Are international criminal tribunals like those for the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, East Timor and Cambodia effective in ending impunity? According to their Statutes, their mere existence is a contribution to the end of impunity. But how big is their contribution? This book takes up this question and looks into the functioning of these courts. The effectiveness of the institutions is not only compared with each other, but also with regard to different conflict parties within the conflict under investigation by the courts.
The different degrees of effectiveness within a tribunal have been reason for opponents of international criminal tribunals to accuse these institutions of victor's justice. This book analyses this accusation and comes to the conclusion that not victor's but selective justice is at work. Decisions taken during the establishment as well as cooperation-issues during investigations and proceedings explain the different degrees of effectiveness regarding conflict parties under investigation by a single tribunal.
This book thus provides two important contributions to the debate surrounding the effectiveness of international criminal tribunals.

Frederike Hofmann-van de Poll
A Quest for Accountability. The Effects of International Criminal Tribunals and Courts on Impunity
ISBN 978-3-86573-598-0
415 S. 56,00 EUR. 2011 (Diss.)

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