From 2009 to 2011 the Directed-Study-Abroad Program of the Azrieli-School of Architecture and Urbanism/Carleton University/Ottawa was guest in the studio spaces of the Architecture Department of the Technical University Berlin.
Three groups with 27 graduate students worked on one of the most prominent sites in the German Capital: The (missing) Public Forum in the Thread of Federation between the Chancellery and the Offices of the Parliament.
Taking the Architectural Masks of the New York architect, teacher and director of Cooper Union, John Hejduk (1929-2000) as point of departure, studio and seminar reflected:
How do we allow "Sanctuaries" in Architecture?

Annette Homann
New Masks for Berlin. The Thread of Federation
ISBN 978-3-86573-720-5
202 S. 29,80 EUR. 2013

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