"Registration of Non-Conventional Signs Under the Community Trademark Regime" presents a close look to the different types of signs and new forms of trademarks which have been recently rather contradictory through the prism of the European case-law. The dissertation touches also aspects of comparative view between Community law, international regimes for registration and the approach of Common law. The challenge for this interesting discussion was initiated by Ms. Nadia Ianeva LL. M. Eur., a young lawyer who has graduated Law in University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and has further successfully graduated a Master Program in European and International Law in University of Bremen (Germany). Among the fields of interest of the author are the issues of Intellectual property and Competition Law, Geographical indications protection, Media law and Copyright as well as Common Law.

Nadia Ianeva
Registration of Non-Conventional Signs Under the Community Trademark Regime
ISBN 978-3-86573-396-2
190 S. 25,00 EUR. 2008 (Diss.)

Schriften zur Rechtswissenschaft
Bd. 102

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