Hermann Kreutzmann/Talat Mahmood
Understanding Pakistan
ISBN 978-3-86573-688-8
287 S. 40,00 EUR. 2012

Inhaltsverzeichnis (PDF)


Hermann Kreutzmann/Talat Mahmood
Introduction ..... 7

Talat Mahmood
The State of Pakistan and its Challenges ..... 11

Jochen Hippler
Basic Problems of Pakistani Society and Politics ..... 23

Andreas Benz
Educational Challenges for Pakistan ..... 37

Siegfried Wolf
Civil-Military Relations and Democracy in Pakistan ..... 91

Bettina Robotka
Political parties and political system in Pakistan ..... 129

Christian Wagner
Pakistan and its Neighbours ..... 141

Talat Mahmood
German-Pakistan Business Relations ..... 159

Georg Pfeffer
Caste and Kinship in Pakistani Punjab ..... 173

Linus Strothmann
Pakistan's State-run Shrines. Establishment and Contestation of a National Religious Identity at Punjab's most important Sufi Shrine ..... 193

Hermann Kreutzmann
Democracy for Gilgit Baltistan? Kashmir's legacy and administrative challenges on route to equal rights within Pakistan ..... 211

Anke Oppermann
Support of Political Reform through Economic Cooperation and Development ..... 247

Christian Müller
Challenges for disaster preparedness in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa ..... 255

Selected readings ..... 279

Notes on contributors ..... 286