China has thousands of years of history. A fine traditional virtues emphasizing on benevolence has been formed in the social practices. Benevolence is the core of the Confucian ethics. It is almost accepted as the Confucianism essence by the contemporary scholars. The Confucian emphasizes on benevolence which focuses on coordination, regulation and balance the interpersonal relationship. In other words, benevolence value refers to the pursuit of balance and harmony between individuals and society, body and mind, as well as man and nature.
The author has made a lot of research on the Chinese traditional spirit of benevolence, tourism education, and tourism sustainable development. She thinks that the traditional Chinese spirit of benevolence is the endogenous power and effective guarantee for sustainable tourism development. This book is expected to provide some reference for tourism education and tourism sustainable development guided by Chinese traditional benevolence philosophy.

Lihong Li
Benevolence Based Tourism Development in Modern China
ISBN 978-3-86573-827-1
207 S. 30,00 EUR. 2014 (Diss.)

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