In today's times of rapid changes, where particular focus is placed on the individual, intersubjective recognition has become a rare experience. In her novels, Anne Tyler takes up this contemporary theme of a lack of recognition, a factor which may contribute to her longstanding literary success.
The present dissertation follows this thematic focus through five exemplary novels, which span the entire period of Anne Tyler's literary career. Apart from addressing the reader with this compelling theme, Anne Tyler enables him to take part in a kind of self-initiated learning process, by employing certain narrative approaches. This study also explores this functional aspect in Tyler's novels, whose relevance assumedly further contributes to the broad acclaim the author receives.
For readers of Anne Tyler, for those concerned with psychology in general, or with the topic of recognition specifically, this treatise will surely be of vital interest.

Margot Mittelstädt
Moments of Insight, and a Glimmer of Hope. Recognition, Self-Help, and the Novels of Anne Tyler
ISBN 978-3-86573-705-2
375 S. 54,00 EUR. 2013 (Diss.)

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