This publication comprises a dissertation submitted for the Master of Science Degree Msc (Hom) at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK. In the course of this study, the research question of: "Integrating homeopathy and Jungian psychology: the experience of holistic practitioners", has been investigated from multiple angles.
The researcher's objective was to examine the available empirical knowledge within the field of integration of these two treatment modalities. By pursuing this goal, it was the main aim of this study to synthesise the existing experience within the field and propose a new outlook on the integration of homeopathy and Jungian psychotherapy and how it could enhance the holistic practitioners' ability to help people heal.
Furthermore, the primary goal of this researcher was to propose a new model for the integration of homeopathy with Jungian psychotherapy.

Karolina Nørby
An Examination of How Homeopathy and Jungian Psychology Can Be Integrated
ISBN 978-3-86573-932-2
121 S. 21,80 EUR. 2016

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