Specialists for the education for persons with disablement increasingly recommend intensive educational setting. Living and learning together with students who are normally seeing is expected to constitute the best conditions for development of social competence. Within this context research in psychological personal characteristics has been gaining crucial importance for organizing inclusive education.
Such personal characteristics have to be considered both prerequisites and results of fostering social competence development. Scientific researches in this scope are scarce for different reasons. Therefore, we have to be very grateful to Nasser Said Gomaa for having conducted investigation in this field. His study is up till now the one with the highest number of subjects. His research sample contained 322 cases.
On the basis of these investigations Gomaa created a program to foster development of social competence. It is desirable that many specialists for the education of blind and visually impaired persons read Gomaa's thesis!

Prof. Dr. habil. Paul Nater, Humboldt University of Berlin, Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences Department of Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Disabled

Nasser Said Gomaa Abd El-Rasheed
Research in Specific Social Personality Characteristics of Visually Impaired Children and Suggestions for a Psychological Counseling Program to Foster Social Competence Development
ISBN 10: 3-86573-194-5
ISBN 13: 978-3-86573-194-4
S. 36 EUR. 2006 (Diss.)

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