After thirty years of open boundaries in China, the findings about the relationship between internationalization into China and firm performance are still contradictory. In this thesis, Duc Linh Van Tri empirically tests the impact of the internationalization activities of German firms into China on capital market-based performance as well as on key informant-based performance. The findings indicate that shareholders react negatively in the majority of cases when firms announce to enter the Chinese market, whereas managers of those firms that moved into China report positive performance effects. In addition, using methods of expert interviews, the author identifies a number of success factors that managers in practice may draw on to increase the probability of succeeding in China.

Duc Linh Van Tri
Internationalization of German Firms into China. In Search of Performance Implications
ISBN 978-3-86573-473-0
232 S. 32,00 EUR. 2009 (Diss.)

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