This dissertation deals with the process of spatial transformation of neglected industrial areas. Within this process the relationships between the 'old' (original industrial facilities) and 'new' elements of the industrial structure, urban connections, and cityscape during the period of industry, degradation and rehabilitation are being researched.
The methods used in this study consist of in situ investigations carried out in Covilha (P), Zurich (CH), and Berlin (D) between 2003 and 2007, as well as researching theoretical sources and carrying out laboratory work. The results of the dissertation comprise analyses of the transformation process concerning the aspect of the combination of old and new architecture in the three cases (how the 'old' is integrated with the 'new').
Especially, a part of result is the proposal for a more sensitive re-use and re-integration process, in which special attention is paid to the original industrial elements and their connection with new elements on three levels.

Anna Wlodarczyk
The adaptive Re-Use and Re-Integration of Urban Industrial Areas. Case Studies in Covilha (P), Zurich (CH), and Berlin (D)
ISBN 978-3-86573-457-0
249 S. Großformat. 70,00 EUR. 2009 (Diss.)

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