In the last two decades, the rapidly growing Chinese economy has won great global attention. But that economic growth was at high environmental costs, including serious environmental pollution and ecological deterioration. The country, therefore, faces a big challenge to maintain its economic growth without further undermining the natural environment. This book is an attempt to seek both a theoretical and a practical solution to meet that challenge. Yanling Zhang calls the potential solution "a solution with two legs": to develop environmental protection industry further, and to put industrial ecology into place.
The book makes two major contributions to academic literature. First, it gives a decent overview on the development of environmental protection industry in China over the last decades. Second, it presents an interesting perspective on why and how to implement the concept of industrial ecology in a fast growing economy. Thus, it should find many readers interested in China, its impact on the global ecology, and its contribution to sustainable development on planet Earth.

Yanling Zhang
From theory to practice. Environmental management in China
ISBN 10: 3-86573-089-2
ISBN 13: 978-3-86573-089-3
173 S. 21 EUR. 2005 (Diss.)

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