MICE, is the abbreviation of Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions, which includes comprehensive activities, such as holding professional conferences, exposition transaction activities, cultural and sports events, scientific and technological intercommunion and incentive tourism activity. In the last decade, the fast developing Chinese MICE industry attracts increasingly more attention. As a newly emerged industry, the development of the MICE industry not only brings large economic and social benefits for China directly, but also stimulates the development of many co-industries through promoting the exchange and circulation of human, material, information and capital.
This book incorporates six chapters. The first chapter discusses the current status of the Chinese MICE industry. The second chapter presents the status of UFI certification in China. In the third chapter, the author discusses the profit modes of Chinese conference and exhibitions halls in line with the cyclical economy. The fourth chapter mainly discusses the integrated marketing communication mode of Chinese enterprises. The fifth chapter discusses the MICE associated intellectual property rights protection in China. The last chapter discusses the Chinese MICE logistics. As a pioneering work about MICE management in China, this book may provide reference for further academic researches, thus, deserves careful reading.

Yanling Zhang
MICE Management in China
ISBN 978-3-86573-479-2
151 S. 24,00 EUR. 2009

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