In line with the principles of the first Euro-Asia Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, this book contains the society and management session of the proceedings for the 2nd Euro-Asian Conference, held in Bangkok, Thailand on October 12-13, 2007. It has three parts, covering 30 papers on environmental management, corporate social responsibility, sustainability management, and corporate management.
The book contributes to academic literature by presenting recent research findings of more than 30 researchers in the field, both from a theoretical and a practical perspective. It indicates that being responsible for environmental and social matters through effective management could become the main melody of business operation in the 21st century. Thus, business success in the new era means success also in terms of good environmental and social performance. As a pioneering work about Euro-Asian cooperation on issues of environmental and social responsibility, this book may become a guideline for responsible future business operation. It deserves careful reading and should find numerous readers.

Yanling Zhang (Ed.)
Proceedings of the 2nd Euro-Asia Conference on Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility: Society and Management Section. Oct. 12-13, 2007 Bangkok, Thailand
ISBN 978-3-86573-352-8
200 S. 26,00 EUR. 2008

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